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Klitschko announced the rematch with fury

Кличко объявил о реванше с Фьюри

Ukrainian boxer turned to fans with video message

Wladimir Klitschko posted a video message on social media, where he indicated that he agreed to a return fight with Tyson fury.

“I was really very upset after the battle, but after thinking few days, I want to prove that I can fight much better than the previous Saturday.

Sorry, was not able to show its full potential, and that’s what I want to show in the rematch.

I use the option on the return game and soon will start the negotiations“, – said Vladimir.

A message to all fans of boxing.


Posted by Klitschko on 2 December 2015.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net wrote that Vladimir Klitschko lost the fight Tyson fury. For Ukrainians this defeat became the first in 11 years. Thus, Klitschko lost all the championship belts, which belonged to him, however, Vladimir in the nearest future intends to take revenge on the British.


British boxer after victory in battle, sang the song in the ring and told him that his dream came true.

Watch Klitschko lost to fury:


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Кличко объявил о реванше с Фьюри