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KAN-2017. The second draw of Gabon, the win of Cameroon

КАН-2017. Вторая ничья Габона, волевая победа Камеруна

Members of the group And held the match of the second round of the Africa Cup of Nations.

The hosts of the tournament, the national team of Gabon in the first round are unable to win against Guinea-Bissau that only angered the team, josé Antonio Camacho. People from Burkina Faso in the first round played in a draw, but their opponent was a formidable Cameroon. In short, it is the Gabonese increasingly have to play to win, and Paulo Duarte wards it was possible to reduce the result of the match to a draw, and then to give our all against the outsider in the form of Guineans.

In fact, the match started with a clear advantage for Gabonese citizens who are already in the first minutes of the meeting had a dangerous moment at the gate of the Kwak – Denis Bouanga his shot rocked the crossbar of from Burkina Faso. About the team Burkina Faso it is safe to say that there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. One of the key players in the team Duarte, Pitroipa got injured, after which the field entered Pregos Nacoulma. The player Turkish Kayserispor ran away from two defenders to the counter, and then somehow misses the opponent was able to push the ball into the net gate of the national team of Gabon, withdrawing a forward from Burkina Faso.

Gabon did not expect such a turn of events, and for some time the team hosting the tournament almost came to a halt in their attacks. However, before the break, Gabon were able to equalize through thanks to a penalty. The kuak far out from the gate and knocked the escaped forward of the Forward, after which the arbitrator is without a doubt pointed to the spot. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stepped up to the ball and confidently converted a penalty, having dissolved a ball and the goalkeeper on different corners – 1:1.

In the second half of the match on the field came from Burkina Faso Bertrand Traore and immediately created danger at the goal ovono, breaking from the defender into the far corner – only with difficulty the Keeper saved his team. In a few minutes ovono again had to come into play, this time having his fists at the outlet after a pass in his penalty area. People from Burkina Faso unexpectedly in the second half of the game looked better than its rivals, the more controlling the ball and sharper in front acting. However, most real chance on goal in the second half had just the same home – after discount head from the Forward just the same with the slaughter of a position pierced Buanga, but miraculously Kuak leg managed to reflect the ball and put the game away for a corner.

In the end, no one was able to bring the case to a private victory that more suits the national team of Burkina Faso in the third round will play against Guinea-Bissau. The next draw for the Africa Cup of Nations

Gabon – Burkina Faso 1:1

Goals: Aubameyang, 38 (penalty) – Nakoulima, 23

Gabon: Ofono – Obiang (Ze Ondo, 34), Manga, Palun, Appendage – Buanga, Bioga (Kevin, 75) – Chandigarh (Ngoile, 66), Evun, Ndong – Aubameyang

Burkina Faso: Kuak – Coulibaly, Horse, Little, Dayo – Alain Traoré (Sarah 77), Pitroipa (Nacoulma, 11) – Kaboré, Zongo (Bertrand Traoré, 54), Abdou Traoré – Baba Diawara

Warning: The Kuak

It seemed that the national team of Guinea-Bissau by some miracle qualify for the main tournament of Caen, but a draw in the first meeting with Gabon was forced to look at the team Basiro the candidate. However, to expect from Guineans fight back when opponents are the national team of Cameroon is not an easy task. However, the “dark horse” was not required no faith in them, it was enough that they are ready to give battle.

Cameroon in the first half surpassed his rival completely on all counts, except the most important – goals. Guinea-Bissau unexpectedly found the strength to come forward, and quite quickly and elegantly – who retired from the defense Piquete demonstrated excellent control of the ball then with the outside of the penalty area he sent the ball past Ondoa accurately in a grid of gate of Cameroonians.

Of course, in the first half of the national team of Cameroon tried to even the score, however, it is recognized that the wards Hugo Broos did absolutely nothing to crack Guinea-Bissau, which was still a tough nut to crack. Cameroonians in the first half, stabbed nine times, three of which flew to the shot, but nothing standing at the gate of Mendes was not.

The second half also started fighting, because a blow from Gadu-Ngaji in Cameroon even more dangerous chance said the striker Guineans – Mendy. He threw the goalkeeper within someone else’s area, but returned to the gate the defender of Cameroonians his Keeper backup. Who knows how it would have ended the meeting, if at the end of half an hour Sebastian’an did not dare to take a shot from outside the penalty area into the corner, which eventually led to a goal. Mendes behind the ball jumped, but not reached – 1:1. Note that nothing special in this match is not remembered Vincent aboubakar, who after the goal, XI’an was immediately replaced.

When it seemed that there will be another draw, which Cana so very much, after discount from Bassology great shot gathering Gadu-Ngaji, catching unawares the Keeper of the national team of Guinea-Bissau. Cameroon took the lead. To keep the necessary expense of much difficulty for Cameroon is not made up, so after the time of the match winner were the team of Hugo Broos – 2:1.

Cameroon – Guinea Bissau 2:1

Goals: XI’an, 61, Gadu-Ngaji, 79 – Piquete, 13

Cameroon: Ondoa – Ouango, Take, The FAI, Gadu-Ngaji – Nie (Akambi, 46), XI’an, Bassorah, Mandjeck (Nkulu, 62) – Aboubakar (Tamb, 63), Moukandjo

Guinea-Bissau: Mendes – Mamadou, Soares, Dabo, Rudelson Silva – Piquete (Idrissa Kamara, 50), Mendes – Anisio, Silva (66), Junior Mandy (Abel Camara, 81)

Warning: Manjak – Soares