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Kalinich: When I learned about the interest of Fiorentina – was to put pressure on the Dnieper

Калинич: Когда узнал про интерес Фиорентины - стал давить на Днепр

Freshman Fiorentina Nikola kalinić shared thoughts from the transition from the Dnieper.

“This is a big step in my career. As soon as I heard that Fiorentina is interested in me, I began to put pressure on officials of the Dnieper, so they let me go.

I wanted to play in Italy, and glad to be here now. Provided that will play well in Florence, I can make a call to the national team. For me this is very important.

Serie a is very different from the Ukrainian Premier League, so I will need some time to adapt. But I’m ready and not afraid of responsibility, I can replace the level striker Gomez.

My favorite strikers — Drogba and Ibrahimovic. I can’t tell whether I like the style of play on them, check the games for Fiorentina,” said Kalinich.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dnipro striker Nikola kalinic has signed a contract with Fiorentina.