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K. Sigthórsson: Players of Iceland laughed at the words Ronaldo

К. Сигторссон: Игроки Исландии смеялись над словами Роналду

Midfielder of the national team of Iceland, Kolbein Sigthórsson told about the reaction of his teammates to the statement of captain P

After the match group stage of Euro between Portugal and Iceland (1:1) leader of the Portuguese Ronaldo emotionally spoke to the Scandinavian team. According to Cristiano, the Icelanders were happy with a draw as if won the championship, and with such an attitude to football and lack of goals they will not achieve anything.

The current results of the national team of Iceland already talking about the fact that Ronaldo was wrong, but Sigthórsson says that the words of the star player hurt his teammates and in that moment, when I was told.

“When we saw these words, we honestly laughed,” said Kolbein

“We know our strengths and our weaknesses. What he thinks of Ronaldo, we are not interested”.

“I hope that we will have more time to play with Portugal in the final. Want to prove that you are capable of much”.

“At least we already won his match in this Euro,” – “potrolit” Portuguese Sigthórsson.