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In Ukraine, commented on the disqualification of the Russian athletes

16 November | 19:19

Russian athletics received the same punishment from the International Federation (IAAF) for the systematic concealment of the use of doping. Russians are forbidden to participate in competitions under the auspices of the IAAF, including the Rio Olympics in 2016. Also suspended the membership of the Russian Federation of athletics in the organization and selected for two world Cup, which was to take place in 2016 – team race walking in Cheboksary and youth / Junior world Championships in athletics in Kazan.

Meanwhile in Russia, we hope that during the investigation, it will be possible to achieve the performances of its athletes under the flag of the NOC. The only chance for Russia to make your life easier – to cooperate with the inspection Commission. She will work a maximum of 60 days, then submit the recommendations to the IAAF. Then the organization and decide whether to soften or strengthen sanctions.

“An extraordinary event, therefore, specially established procedure or procedure for the consideration of this question does not exist, – said Today the President of the athletics Federation of Ukraine Ihor Hotsul. – If Russia will be ready to access all the information, punish the perpetrators and to review all anti-doping policy, the position of the international structures will change.”

“Can that happen with us? The Ukrainian situation is very different – continued Hotsul. – There is no government protection of dope, and acts zero tolerance to those who receives it. Now we are strengthening anti-doping policy. Just two weeks ago approved the new rules. This is the unification of approaches to the interpretation of the incidence of doping, the increase in the number of non-competitive samples, create a single center of decision making that moves from nazferiti in anti-doping center, etc. the Ministry and the NCA to actively oversee this work. I don’t see any reason to expect something similar in Ukraine. For us are the cases for Russia – the system”.


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