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In Mexico, the football player killed the match

В Мексике футболист убил рефери матча

The tragedy occurred during a match of Amateur teams.

A terrifying incident occurred during a match of Amateur teams in Mexico in the state of Hidalgo. On 6 November, the town of Tulancingo was appalled by the tragic news of the death of referee who judged the match Amateurs. In the middle of a meeting, already late Victor Trejo showed a red card to one of the players – Ruben Rivera Vasquez.

The player does not agree with the verdict of the judge, and decided to teach him a lesson. To challenge his removal Vasquez decided, striking 59-year-old man with his head in the face. Trejo fell down and lost consciousness, medics arrived at the scene, could not help the age of the referee.

As for the culprit of the incident, he managed to escape from the scene and now is in hiding.