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In Fomenko’s team scored 71,43% of the points in the selections

Andrew Kudirka

November 19 | 9:00

After 10 years, the Ukrainian team again managed to successfully pass the qualifying cycle. But if Oleg Blokhin led the team to the 2006 world Cup from the first place, as promised before the draw of qualification, the number of participants of Euro-2016, the charges of Mykhailo Fomenko have got, finishing in third place in the group.

In the group stage we lost both games against Spain (twice in 0:1), lost two matches and Slovakia (0:1 at home and 0:0 away), and it is easy to see that the players of the national team of Ukraine, to put it mildly, had problems with goals in games with strong teams. However, those who are lower class, we selected 100% of the points.

But still on the wave of euphoria do not forget that to reach the final of the tournament we had to be nervous with Slovenia — especially against the background of five failures in the previous playoff games.

Main Creator of this success is head coach. Mykhailo Fomenko, though sometimes criticized for overly cautious style of play and conservative approach to the choice of composition, but another to expect and was not necessary. The coach has his trademark style of work is very rational, and it is considered the most productive coach in the history of the national team of Ukraine (71,43% of points in official matches).

A strong party of the Ukrainian team in the last selection has become a game of defense, a Quartet of defenders rarely varied combinations, and in half of the matches we actually played optimal by four (see infographic). Less of us in the group stage we conceded only Romania (2 goals), England and Spain (3).

При Фоменко сборная набрала 71,43% очков в отборах. Фото 1

But in attack we had serious problems in games with strong opponents. Spain and Slovakia, which took two first places, over 360 minutes of football team of Ukraine did not score a single goal. And for Euro 2016 weak opponents is not expected. So our attacking game needs to improve. And the competition on the front line would not hurt.

Hit parade

Indispensable: Andriy Pyatov

On account of his 33 (!) official match for the national team in a row since September 2009. Competitors it leaves only friendlies. In 12 games this selection Pyatov missed five goals seven times and remained dry.

After the first Sheva: Andriy Yarmolenko

After retiring from the national team Shevchenko (after Euro 2012) the top scorer of the team was Yarmolenko, who scored during this time 14 goals (Linnet and Seleznev — 6). Just in Yarmolenko 22 goals (2nd in team history), and Sheba — 48.

Lucky captain: Ruslan rotan

Among the captains of the national team of Ukraine rotan is the most lucky. With him managed to get that 83,33% of the points in official matches. In this selection he took the team seven times, Tymoshchuk and Linnet — two, Kuchar is one.

Fresh blood: Serhiy sydorchuk

For three years Fomenko introduced to the team of 20 new players, of which only 11 have played
in an official match, but only sydorchuk stride entrenched in the base, scoring two goals in the first two games in October 2014.

Young debutant: Alexander Zinchenko

Its a substitute in the October game against Spain was a surprise. It was unlike Fomenko, but the 18-year-old Zinchenko his submission became the third Junior in the history of the national team at a younger age in her debut Rebrov and Shevchenko.

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