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Grigoriy Surkis: I would very much like to Golovko was successful

Григорий Суркис: Я очень хотел бы, чтобы Головко был успешен

Grigoriy Surkis commented on the appointment of Alexander Golovko for the post of coach of the youth national team of Ukraine.

“Alexander Golovko will have the opportunity to prove that we have not translated the Cossacks, our young players who will do everything possible to get to the finals of the European championship. But we should also talk about the challenge contact the team for future Olympic games. Golovko promised that he and the team put their maximum effort for the first time in the history of Ukraine was presented at this tournament,” said Grigoriy Surkis.

“I would very much like that Golovko was successful. He’s not just a good man, but a professional technician, is the intellectual component. As it parses the matches of Dynamo or Shakhtar, I will frankly tell – you listen”.

“Nice or not, that Golovko Dynamo? And you remind me, when the Institute of national teams worked the Dynamo? They are everywhere. Maybe it’s bad, frankly. But I am very pleased that Golovko is headed by the youth team. It is a pity that another Dynamo Kovalets has not reached agreement with the football Federation about prolongation of the contract. He’s a wonderful person. But such is the fate of a coach when there is no success. And this applies not only to teams but also clubs. And fresh example: the dismissal of Jose Mourinho from Chelsea, who it seemed, was in London at the top. As they say: there is No prophet in the Fatherland”, – concluded Grigory Surkis.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the youth team of Ukraine won the coach and the task to get to the Olympics.