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Grigoriy Surkis: can’t affect Pavelko

Григорий Суркис: Не могу влиять на Павелко

Grigoriy Surkis praised the activities of the Andrey Pavelko for the position of President of the FFU.

“There are problems in professional football, and he suggested that the clubs themselves to sort out these issues and to sit down the entire football family. I don’t envy him, because you have to work in conditions of war, economic turbulence, are a lot of issues. From the President depends very much, but not all. We must pay tribute that the FFU at last this year the Executive Committee devoted the meeting is not the end of the year, and focused on strengthening the staffing of all teams.”

“Let’s wait for Congress, and then we will evaluate the work of the President of the FFU. He works part of the year, why do you immediately criticize? On the contrary, Andrey Pavelko, we must pay tribute, including the draft law on the fight against corruption in football, which was adopted quickly enough. Most importantly, he’s in theme, the problems of our football and the creative impulse, to help the game of millions”, – shared his opinion of the ex-President of the FFU.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the youth team of Ukraine won the coach and the task to get to the Olympics.