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Franks: Poltava withdraws from the competition

Франков: Полтава снимается с соревнований

Artem Frankov has said that Poltava will be charged to the First League.

“What is the reason? The money the club has, there are strong host-Leonid Sobolev. But he frankly sucked at deciding on land in Poltava are completely absent opportunities for development, the club is simply suffocating in a framework that Cano and accidentally expose him to local and Central government. Nothing stifles like indifference, you have to understand… especially in our time, when each invests some money in soccer you need to love, to cherish,“ says the journalist.

“I’m sorry. Cherish a faint hope – how to hit the alarm, try my best to help the Poltava, and to force Leonid Davidovich mind. Hell, don’t even think so here to go! Don’t give up,“ urges Francs.