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Forward Dawn: We have nothing to lose

Нападающий Зари: Нам нечего терять

Philip Budkovskyy’m sure Legia and dawn will play an interesting game.

“The fighting spirit. We have nothing to lose, so came to get a result that will allow us to get to the group stage. I think tomorrow will be an interesting duel.

We are already faced with the pressure from the stands during the match against Feyenoord, so nothing wrong here. I wish we had the same support, but we understand that playing away. I hope that all will be well,” said Budkovskyy.

Second leg play-off round of qualifications for the Europa League Legia – dawn will be held today, August 27. The game will start at 22:00. In the home match against Legia dawn conceded with the account 0:1.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the second leg of Dawn against the Legion will be judged by the Germans.