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Formula 1. The results of the Grand Prix of Malaysia

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

iSport.ua highlights the most important highlights of the sixteenth stage of the Royal race.

Yesterday completed the next stage of the world championship Formula 1 on the track “Sepang”, which was quite interesting and different events.

Bad luck Hamilton continues…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

At the last stage in Singapore, Rosberg easily ahead of Hamilton in qualifying and the race, after which many experts said that the advantage in the fight for the League title is in German. But Lewis in qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix showed that he is not going to give up and the whole struggle is still ahead.

But in the race everything was different….After a few seconds after the start Vettel pushed Rosberg to the end of the peloton and the position of the Germans seemed to be disastrous, and the British – on the contrary facilitate. Rosberg broke the end of the peloton, but Hamilton secured a comfortable lead from Verstappen to make a pit stop and it seemed that the victory the British won’t take this one, but the 41-th round, and on the starting line Hamilton suddenly the engine caught fire and he was forced to stop in the first turn and sit on the grass.

After the race the reigning world champion in an interview with reporters said that for some reason this season he has only broken the Mercedes engines, which are the eight cars of the peloton, and that someone doesn’t want the Briton won the championship in the current season.

On the one hand this is the hot emotion at the scene, but something in his words there, especially considering how much this season he had to suffer due to breakdowns of the machine. There are five Grand Prix before the end of the season in 2016 and see how many times technical problems will affect the championship of the fight.

Rosberg is closer than ever, and the Mercedes is worth the wait…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

For the German Silver arrows driver Nico Rosberg this weekend was not the easiest, but it’s safe to say that one of the most lucky.

In the first corner starting lap Rosberg rammed his compatriot from Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who has not time to slow down and launched Nico, and he eventually fizzled out because of breakage of the suspension.

It seemed that the podium after this may not dream, but Rosberg inventing nothing just became aggressive to attack and pass rivals one by one and in the end in the middle of the race he was riding in the top five, behind Kimi Raikkonen

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

And on 38-th circle racer Mercedes in the first corner is very severely attacked Finn from Ferrari and the result was contact between the cars, after a German car just lost it on braking. In the end, Rosberg is a dirty maneuver ahead of Raikkonen and emerged into fourth place, and after gathering his team-mate Hamilton and all were in third place behind the two Red bull cars. Nico probably could still stop the fight for first place, but four laps later announced that the German at the finish of your own time will receive a 10 seconds penalty and after that, the pilot had to focus not on the struggle for first place, and to increase the gap from Raikkonen to take third place. In the result, Rosberg has done its job, breaking away from Finn for 13 seconds.

So Rosberg after a terrible start he finished in a brilliant third place and thanks to this success his advantage over Hamilton in the standings grew to 23 points.

As for the team Mercedes, whereas in Malaysia it could prematurely clinch the League title in the Cup of designers, but that it was necessary to take seven points more than the pilots of Red bull, who in the race scored a brace and has postponed the coronation Mercedes, at least to Japan.

The best race of the second power of Formula 1 – Red bull

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

Of course, it was one of the strongest race in the performance of the Austrian team Red bull. The last time Red bull got a double victory in Brazil in the 2013 season, when he was still in action the old rules.

With this victory, Daniel ricciardo and the second place max Verstappen, the team Christian Horner solidly pulled away in the constructors ‘ championship from Ferrari, and now the advantage of the Austrians is 46 points, which is over five stages the championship is played not so easy.

As for the pace, it was evident that in high-speed corners the Red bull looks great and Mercedes, perhaps a bit weaker works downforce. Who would be where say, and Red bull is seriously progressing, and motor Reno is not so bad if you have to fight with the leaders of the championship.

In the end the team made the right decision and gave the fight of their riders on the track for victory in the race and we saw how beautiful Daniel and Max are together, side by side passed several ligaments turns, which certainly pleased all fans of the Royal sport. Probably karma payback Riccardo for a failed race in Monaco, where he foolishly lost the first place to Hamilton, well, Max did everything that was required of him, and most importantly – didn’t ruin anything.

Fail Ferrari…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

As we have said, the race was a great success and turned out very rich on events in different fields, but one of the most spectacular incidents was starting to crash after a few seconds after the start into the first corner.

It is obvious to everyone that the blame in this accident, the Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who wanted to break in the curb to a higher position. Ferrari car pulled from the curb and we have made contact with Rosberg, and then the pilot Mercedes deployed, and Sebastian is out of the race due to critical damage to the front suspension of his car.

Not only that, Vettel out of the race already in the first round, so even the race direction punished him with a loss of three positions on the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Japan, which will be held next weekend. Maybe if Rosberg came down, the penalty for the pilot Ferrari would have been more to argue with him was useless, because he deserved it for his risky maneuver. This time was not “Russian torpedo named quata” and “German named Vettel”.

Overall, the weekend in Malaysia for Ferrari was very difficult, and perhaps you can make a confident conclusion that the second power of the championship is Red bull, because bulls are stronger on the track at speed and in the Cup of designers points have more.

About this we can say because on the face of the example of Raikkonen, who was trying to do something and resist, but in the end couldn’t even hold out ten seconds behind Rosberg, to be on the podium.

Progress McLaren can not please…

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

This confident speech in Malaysia from the team of Ron Dennis has no Nidal. Fernando Alonso, who was awarded a 45 position penalty for changing elements of the power plant started with the last place of the grid and eventually finished in seventh place, ahead of Hulkenberg and Massa, whose Mercedes motors. Recall that in Belgium he also started from last place and finished in seventh position. Plus its good performance in Singapore, where he also arrived at the finish line seventh. Jenson button struggled in the top ten in Sepang and eventually finished in ninth place.

All these achievements certainly say that McLaren compared with the previous dismal year has achieved serious progress. More recently, we talked about the fact that Honda motors can’t even get to the finish line, and now the riders of the British team regularly play in the final of qualification and are constantly fight for points in races. We can say that McLaren small steps closer to its cherished goals and it will be interesting to watch the team of Ron Dennis next season with the new regulations.

The details of the Grand Prix of Malaysia:

Podium: 1. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull); 2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull); 3. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)

Fastest lap: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) – 1.36,424

The fastest pit stop: Felipe Massa (Williams) – 2,00 h

Gone: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Romain Grosjean (Haas), Kevin Magnussen (Renault), Esteban Gutierrez (Haas), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Felipe Nasr (Zauber)

Personal results:

Формула-1. Итоги Гран-при Малайзии

The Cup of designers:

1. Mercedes – 553

2. Red Bull – 359

3. Ferrari – 313

4. Force India – 124

5. Williams – 121

6. McLaren – 62

7. Toro Rosso – 47

8. Haas – 28

9. Reno – 8

10. Manor – 1

11. Zauber – 0