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Formula 1. Season results: Renault — planned transition

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход

Completed season of the Royal race and iSport.ua summarizes the results for the French team of the peloton Reno.

Expectation and reality

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход

The sad history of Renault began in season 2015. The whole ending of the last season, the concern Renault couldn’t make a deal about the purchase of the team Lotus Gerard Lopez. In the end the team was for a long time without adequate funding, and so the normal training, can be forgotten.

First the car was prepared under the motors Mercedes, and then the French still bought the team and again began to use motors Renault. By this time it was not time to prepare a new car even with the best financing and have taken the difficult decision to modify the car RS16 under the new engines for the preseason tests.

Note that the management of the factory team once said that this season will be a transition and team doesn’t make any claims. “Unlike teams, we from the beginning of the season can have car of the season 2017. Position in the individual championship and the Cup of designers we are not interested. Our main goal is to build a strong team and Foundation for future seasons,” said team principal Frederic Vasseur.

Move on to the season and with the first phase, it became clear that Reno from time to time will be able to cling to the minimum points in the circumstances, but mostly the fight will be against teams Zauber and manor. It was evident that the modified machine is not enough clamping force, with rubber were constant problems, and the motor power was inferior to competitors from Mercedes and Ferrari.

Thanks Kevin Magnussen factory team miraculously managed to gain good amount of points on one of the starting stages, namely at the Grand Prix of Russia. These points provided Reno a bright future on account of getting into the top 10 of the constructors ‘ championship.

It is also worth noting that at some stage the car Renault allowed to join the second segment of qualification and fight for points in the race. In the second part of the season due to the engine upgrade, the team little by little progressed and this is despite the fact that the team almost did not upgrade the car, and fully prepared for the new season 2017.

Thus, the ninth place in the constructors ‘ championship as part of a planned transition of the season is quite a good result, but this is clearly not what she wants factory team with such capabilities.

The performances of the pilots of the team Renault

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход


Kevin Magnussen

Jolyon Palmer

Held Grand Prix



Place in individual competition






The best result in the race

7th (Russia)

The 10th (Malaysia)

Quick circles



To finish ahead of teammate






Victory in the qualification



The best result in qualifying

12-e (Belgium)

14th (Australia, Belgium)

To get to the second segment



Getting into the third segment



Danish driver Kevin Magnussen, who has long been in the shadow of McLaren took advantage of the situation with the Venezuelan driver Pastor Maldonado, whose sponsor went bankrupt and returned to Formula 1. At the beginning of the season, the Dane demonstrated that the speed and passion for racing he kept. His experience and skill quickly allowed him to adapt to the team and to easily and surely beat his team-mate Jolyon Palmer. However, in the second part of the season, the superiority of the Dane disappeared, and GP2 champion became a serious competitor.

Debutant Royal motor sport Jolyon Palmer started the season very badly and in the press more and more named candidates for his replacement. At first, the British made a lot of mistakes and got into a ridiculous situation, but then he gained confidence and not only caught up with the Dane, but became his regular beat.

As a result, even fight at the end of the season and equal the qualifying score of 6:6, is only on points Dane surpassed the British, whose only point scored was the first in the career of Formula 1.

Best Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход

The most successful performance of the team Renault was the stage in Russia. At the start of the race in Sochi Daniil Kvyat twice rammed Sebastian Vettel. As a result, both are unable to claim points, plus spoiled the race for a partner Kvyat, Daniel ricciardo, which damaged a wing and had to change tactics. Then Gutierrez knocked out Nico Hulkenberg and Verstappen went down because of engine failure. These pilots were contenders for getting into the points, but suddenly they retired and the weaker teams have a chance.

This whole situation, plus the tremendous hard work of Kevin Magnussen, who barely fought off the McLaren of Fernando Alonso and other race cars brought a lovely result-the seventh place at the Grand Prix of Russia. As for his teammate Jolyon Palmer, the rookie F1 finished in 13th place.

The worst Grand Prix

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход

The worst race for the factory team were in Monaco on the track in Monte Carlo. In the beginning of the race it was raining and it was difficult to keep the car on the track and to fly without errors.

Already in the seventh circle Palmer on the pit straight lost control, then crashed into a protective barrier.

Kevin Magnussen on the track lasted a little longer. First, it almost rammed Kvyat in the third sector in turn “Raskas”, and then in the 34th round in turn “Maribo” made a mistake under braking and damaged the front suspension and wing, and then got to the pits and got off.

Expectations from the season-2017

Формула-1. Итоги сезона: Рено — плановый переход

This whole championship team from Enstone was engaged in domestic Affairs, such as: restructuring of the base, the closure of financial issues of the former Lotus, a collection of new, and most importantly an experienced staff to technical staff for future seasons.

As we have previously said, since the beginning of the season, the French team concentrated on the car of the season-2017, which is a big part of the success will depend on the aerodynamics of the car that can give the factory the team’s chances of success.

For starters, the team had to build a machine that will allow to constantly fight for points with the middle of the peloton, and then go to tasks and more serious.

We add that the team was talented, quick German, winner of the daily marathon “24 hours of Le Mans” Niko Hulkenberg, who moved from Force India. It is the experience and speed of German have to let him lead the French team, and to help him be Jolyon Palmer. The British can say lucky, because Kevin Magnussen could prolong the contract with Renault, but decided on a different path in Formula 1 and Jolyon got another chance to demonstrate their strength in the Royal Motorsport.

Thus, we expect Hulkenberg and his new team of great progress in the group stable average. How to get a new car with the new personnel learn the pre-season tests in Barcelona. The main thing to make this work, because if it is a failure, then this ambitious of a team can be a big problem.