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Formula 1. Sainz: No Verstappen in the Toro Rosso was better

Формула-1. Сайнс: Без Ферстаппена в Торо Россо стало лучше

Pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz pleased that his former team-mate Max Verstappen left, going to Red bull.

Shortly before the exchange on Kvyat Verstappen, the relationship of the young Dutchman with his partner at Toro Rosso were not the best. The max leaving defused the situation, which helped the Science to feel more confident and to show the best results.

Answering the question, did somehow care Verstappen to Toro Rosso team, Carlos replied: “of course, the situation has changed. With the departure of max in the team change happened, and now the team is very good.”

“If you talk about me and Daniel, we are working together, pushing the team forward. Maybe starting with the Grand Prix of Barcelona, I started to smile success, because I became more relaxed, I don’t know…”

“I became psychologically easier after the result in Barcelona. In Sochi I had the thought that all the troubles, for some reason, ever happen to me. Now everything is fine,” said Sainz.