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Formula 1. Hamilton on simulator: better buy a Playstation

Формула-1. Хэмилтон о симуляторе: лучше куплю Playstation

The pilot of the Mercedes shared their opinions about working with simulators.

Recently, Lewis ‘ partner on the team Nico Rosberg has described the thrill of working with the simulator new track in Baku as “strange”. In turn, Hamilton said he ran a SIM only eight laps.

“I don’t ride on the simulator a lot, because at the moment he does not seem to me modified. We work hard to make it better,” said Hamilton.

“I don’t use a simulator, because it is almost the same as a video game. If I want to play the game, it is better to spend £ 100 and buy myself a Playstation”.

According to rider, the thrill of a real ride and ride simulator are completely different.

“There is a huge difference between the riding simulator and the riding – lack of emotional factor”.

“On the simulator you don’t feel the speed. Also, there are no physical sensations.”

“I almost don’t use it since 2010, and don’t feel any different. Perhaps for others it brings some benefit, but not for me,” said Lewis.