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Fomenko: Tomorrow will be different than in Lviv

Фоменко: Завтра будет совсем другая игра, чем во Львове

Head coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko shared his expectations of the return match against Slovenia.

“All players are healthy. But in psychological terms it will be necessary to look tomorrow. Guys know all too well. And they have enough information. Tomorrow will be different than in Lviv“, – said Fomenko.

“The composition of the match? Even the day before the game, anything can happen. As it was, we gathered, went to bed, in the morning two people woke up with a fever. It all depends on the state of the players, on their readiness. Will be individual interviews with players. So that all may be,“ said the coach.

“Game preparation is going according to plan. All that is necessary here is. Including, and to recover those players who played in Lviv. While there were no complaints,“ – said Fomenko.

“The provocations of talking before each game, friendly or official. We revise the previous game. Focused on the behavior of rivals. You will need to focus and not be distracted by provocations.

“These games have not been as tomorrow. Understand what will be the atmosphere in the stadium. 12-th player will drive the team forward. Understand what the motivation would be rivals. Spread out all the shelves and gave information to mentees on theoretical studies,“ concluded the coach.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the national team of Ukraine took a step towards the exit into the main stage of Euro 2016, beating Slovenians at home with the score 2:0.

Let us add that the reciprocal butt match of Euro-2016 qualification Slovenia – Ukraine live will show the channels Ukraine and Football 1.

Note on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 21:45.

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Фоменко: Завтра будет совсем другая игра, чем во Львове


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Фоменко: Завтра будет совсем другая игра, чем во Львове