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Fomenko: Today the guys gave a lot of emotions

Фоменко: Сегодня ребята отдали много эмоций

Head coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko commented on the victory in the match with Belarus (3:1).

Why the second half was so different from the first?

– At halftime in the locker room we made out the mistakes that were made in the first half. Said opponents will also talk with each other. I told the players that we need to start the second half with the score 0:0. But not all of it. Someone fell out of the game, this could be.

Please comment on the episode with the removal of Garmash. Would you now change it and not Kravets?

– We have already made two substitutions. The picture of the game decided that we need to change the attacker, because the ball is stopped we have to keep at the front of the line. The reason for this Kravets tired. Garmash worried that it happened. I think he will make the right conclusions from this situation. Emotions are needed in order to build, not destroy. And replacement we did based on the picture of the game.

Yarmolenko from you waved when they left the field. What happened in this episode?

– This is also part of what I was saying. Andrei problems. He was excited. He didn’t want it changed. But we need to think not only about today but also about tomorrow. It was evident that he was tired, in some episodes late. We changed it so that it has not been fully exhausted. And emotion is such a thing.

Today’s match gave you the information about willingness to Slovakia? What is the mood before this match?

– As usual, when the game ends, it’s history. We live next game. We explain to children that they have gathered for this match. Today they gave a lot of emotions that we will need and in Slovakia. We still have time to find out information about their condition. Now there will be more theory. Prepare for the next match.

Khatskevich recognized that the Midfielders don’t have time in the first half. What would you like to wish the young coach of the national team of Belarus through the prism of your experience? And who would you stand out in the game?

– Team game can be identified. As Khatskevich prepares the team for the match, so the players and play. The team of Belarus has changed for the better. The players have adjusted requirements.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Ukrainian team is seeking a confident victory over Belarus.