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Fomenko: so far, nothing to discuss

Фоменко: Сейчас пока не о чем рассуждать

Mykhailo Fomenko was evaluated by a group of Ukrainian team at Euro 2016.

“Why I wasn’t at the ceremony of the draw? 18 the number of the Executive Committee, approve the nomination or not approve… I don’t know. When I approve the head coach, then we will talk. Now still nothing,” said the coach in the broadcast channel Football 1.

“The fact that we won the national team of Poland is history. This team has always been difficult, and now has reached the highest level. You need to prepare, to consider” – said Fomenko Polish national team.

“Northern Ireland is a team that tends to English football, but he always difficult. They took first place in the group. Simple commands this group has no”, – considers Fomenko.