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Fomenko: it is Necessary to run a business, not a provocation

16 November | 19:55

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine on football Mikhail Fomenko took part in the traditional pre-match press conference ahead of the second leg play-off Euro 2016 qualifying against Slovenia, according to xsport.

– If for any unknown secret in the game against Slovenia?

Tomorrow will be a completely different game. Such games involving the national team of Slovenia we haven’t watched. Live till tomorrow, then we’ll see.

– You will be there tomorrow to focus on a winning team or on the strongest?

– We still have a day before the game, so anything can happen. There were occasions when we went to bed and when I woke up we had two people with temperature. Everything will depend on the health of the players and their readiness for the match.

– What have you changed in the preparation of the national team after the first match?

– The main task after the first game was to rebuild a team. Tomorrow we will talk about what happened, and what awaits us in the return leg.

I do not want our players to provocative actions of the opponent?

– Are we talking about this almost before every fight. We had the analysis of the previous game, and we drew this to the attention of the players. It’s the behavior of an opponent. And we will have to do business first and foremost and not to distract on provocations.

– Is everyone fit and what is the psychological condition of the team?

All in good health. How are things in psihologicheskom the plan, it will have to look tomorrow.

The Slovenians lost their first game and certainly will tactically change their game in response. Changes to be made in this regard in our team, what do you expect from Slovenes and what will be most difficult?

– Games such as tomorrow, Slovenia was not yet. We are well aware of what will be the atmosphere in the stadium, as the 12th player will drive his team. What motivation will the opponent, we sort through and explained his charges in a theory session. How it will be implemented – it depends on the players. And the job for the match they will receive at the facility.

Two years ago Ukraine was unlucky in a reciprocal butt match against France. How did this affect the team whether to focus on defense?

– The guys got a lesson, an experience, albeit negative. But the negative experience needs to be. Guys should not repeat the mistakes and not to step on the same rake. And above all this also applies to the coaching staff.


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