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Ferguson invited Markevich at a meeting of top coaches

Фергюсон пригласил Маркевича на встречу топ-тренеров

The legendary instructor of English Manchester United Alex Ferguson invited Myron Markevych to meet top trainers

Legendary coach Alex Ferguson has invited the head coach of the Dnieper river in Nyon for a meeting of the European club elite coaches, which will take place on 2 September.

“I like any other coach is very pleased to receive an invitation from Ferguson.To me it’s a letter from UEFA with a signature of Ferguson. He is now the head of the coaching staff of the UEFA,” said Myron Markevych comments MatchDay.

“I was invited to meet the best coaches in Europe. It is planned that we will be four hours to talk about the development of modern football. And in the evening we will gather for dinner, where we will have a chat with Michel Platini. Not yet ready to say the names of the participants, but understand that there are going to the best coaches in Europe.”