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Fencing. The Ukrainians were left without medals

Фехтование. Украинцы остались без медали

Ukrainian men’s team epee fencing lost in the consolation finals.

The Ukrainians, who bookmakers were seen as the main contenders for the finals, as a result remained without medals.

Anatoly Gerey, Maxim Brushwood, Bogdan Nikishin, and Dmitry Kyrychenko lost to the Hungarians with a score of 37:39.

Gerey handed the baton is released, Keruchenko Brushwood yielding just two shots, however, Dmitry his mini-match lost with the account 3:6, and left to the team leader Bogdan Nikishin minimal chances of success. Despite the fact that Nikishin won the fight 13:10, this did not allow the Ukrainians to earn a medal.