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Female boxer foot sent the champion to the hospital

November 15 | 11:50

In Melbourne was the main fight of the year in women’s mixed martial arts. Met undefeated — bronze medalist at the 2008 Olympics in judo, the champion of UFC in the easiest weight Rhonda Rosie and a former world champion in Boxing, Holly Holm.

A clear favorite of the meeting was considered Rosie. However, with Holly’s great in Boxing, moved in the ring, not letting Ronda get involved in a melee, and she powerfully hit from long range. If Ronda had a chance to turn the tide of battle when she could transfer the competitor to orchestra seats, but Hill was able to quickly climb.

In the second round the Hill continued to attack and in one of those moments struck a powerful blow to the jaw. Rhonda collapsed. as knocked down and Holly started to finish off Rosie until the referee intervened and stopped the fight, writes boxing-mma.

After the match, Rosie was taken to the hospital.

Holly Hill — the new champion of UFC in the easiest weight. For the Hill — it’s 10 wins in 10 matches. Rosey is now 12 wins and 1 loss.

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