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Expert: the Match showed why Dynamo refused to sell Yarmolenko

Эксперт: Матч против Зари показал, почему Динамо отказалось продавать Ярмоленко

Victor Watzke commented on the result of the match 6 round of the championship of Ukraine between Zarya Lugansk and Kiev Dynamo.

“It was a remarkable match in the good sense of the word. I felt I played the first and second teams of the Ukrainian Premier League. In my opinion, Dinamo was the favorite for this match. It was thought that the team of vernydub recognize may affect the fight against the Legion. Today Lugansk the team played in his favorite style. At Dawn were very good points.

Several Dynamo players played below their capabilities. I did not like Derlis Gonzalez at left winger. Belhanda “fell” from the game, and sydorchuk is far from their best form.

Dynamo lacked in midfield Miguel Veloso, who missed this match due to suspension. The players of Dawn made the mistake of Serhiy Rybalka. This match showed why Dynamo refused to sell Yarmolenko,” believes Yarmolenko.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dinamo are unable to beat Dawn in the match of the sixth round of the championship of Ukraine.

We will add that thanks to this result Serhiy Rebrov broke the record of Valery Lobanovsky in the number of matches without defeats in a row in the national championship.