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Expert: Mustache already beat all the British heavyweights

Эксперт: Усик уже сейчас побил бы всех британских тяжеловесов

Famous British referee Mickey Vann, who served two extreme bout of the Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk wrote that, in his opinion, the Tendril can become a dominant champion in the first heavy weight.

“When I first saw it in April, I considered him as a potential opponent for Anthony Joshua. Then it seemed to me that he need to gain a lot of weight, and then he visibly lost in speed and agility. But now I looked at it not as a future champion heavyweight division, but as the future king of crousillat.

As for me, Oleksandr Usyk is Anthony Joshua first heavy weight. He has quick hands, he moves well, has a big punch, plus he’s a Lefty that can also be an advantage. This Olympic champion has charisma, and he seems feet firmly on the ground. Although at the age of 28 he doesn’t have those additional years (for training) Anthony Joshua.

The Tendril only eight fights on a professional ring, and all of them he finished ahead of schedule. But, again, not to get too admire these men (Tendril and Joshua boxingnews.com.ua), I will say that I haven’t seen them hit the chin. What will be their reaction to that?

If they fall, will they be able to climb? If you can climb, then can you protect yourself? Do they have enough common sense to hard to knit his opponent in case of shocks, and to ignore the referee and his warnings about the lifting points to win a few seconds to recover? This is just what our Frank Bruno never learned to do. There’s no shame in that “take a knee” – thanks to this you can stay in battle, it will give you time to put ourselves in a sense.

If you assess the current level of the Mustache, I think he’s having a total of eight fights, now would beat all the British heavyweights, including the Ola Afolabi and Tony bellew, as well as German boxer Firat Arslan. The Antennae not so many years studying, but still have a couple of years, and after that he will be able to dominate in the first heavy weight as well as Wladimir Klitschko dominates heavyweight”, – said Mickey Vann.