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Expert: Belarusians Have a strong national team without any glaring weaknesses

Эксперт: У белорусов крепкая сборная без явных слабых мест

Ukrainian football player Ilya Galyuza acting in the championship of Belarus, assessed the strengths of the opponent team.

“The main plus of the rival team – the team loosen up and really wants to play good football. By and large, the Belarusians have a strong European team without any glaring weaknesses. There are three approximately equal to the goalkeeper played enough protection plus factor Gleb. In the midfield would still skillful, diligent Stasevich, possessing the ability to perform “standards”, but at the start, I think, it may well not be. But in great shape is a veteran team Timofey Kalachev, who in his 34 distributes the transfer of cool right and left. In addition, in recent games quite a lot Kornilenko scored.

The main disadvantages of the national team of Belarus at the moment – human failures in the centre of defence. Udoji Poles and injured, and Filipenko about the same problems that got stuck in Metz Kryvets: he misses the composition of Malaga. In all seriousness, I believe that the lack of a key of centrak’s practice can be a decisive circumstance in the match. These definitely need to take!

As for the flanks, the choice of Khatskevich narrow: it is likely that the composition will look about as well as against Spain. So, against Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko are going to play accordingly Shitov and Bordachev.

Personally, I have no doubt in the victory of the national team Mykhailo Fomenko. But I think the advantage will be one goal – 1:0 or 2:1. The last account I like. I want to believe that our players use bugs rivals, previously forcing them to make mistakes. Because of the jitters experienced Belarusians will not. They were everywhere, saw everything and nothing can surprise,” says the Galyuza.

Recall that the match of the 7th round of Euro-2016 qualification Ukraine – Belarus on 5 September in Lviv Arena Lviv. Live match will show the channels Ukraine and Football 1.

We will add that SPORT bigmir)net will lead a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 19:00.


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Эксперт: У белорусов крепкая сборная без явных слабых мест