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European clubs refused basketball League Champions

Andrei Fomenko

11 November | 19:22

In the Old World, the confrontation between the Euroleague hosting two elite European competition, and FIBA, who oversees only the third ranking tournament.

In the season 2016/17. elite basketball Eurocup, Euroleague, will continue to exist. At the meeting in Barcelona clubs-big clubs rejected the proposal by FIBA Europe, which invited them created for them in the Champions League. Officials of the European branch of the International Federation of cobrasnake leading teams prize Fund of 30 million euros, but they did not succumb to temptation.

The Euroleague next season is going to seriously change. The number of teams will be reduced from 24 to 16, split into groups, they will not, and will conduct a full regular season in two rounds out of 30 rounds. After which the top eight will compete for the Grand prize in the playoffs.


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