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Eurobasket 2015: Ukraine’s shocking defeat by Estonia

Евробаскет-2015: Украина шокирует поражением от Эстонии

The Ukrainian team lost the third match of the European championship in basketball.

The Ukraine national team on basketball has minimal chance of reaching the knockout stage of the European championship. This became known after the defeat of the notebook the outsiders Estonia.

Started the match our players is not very good and during the first lost 3:11, but managed to gather to level the score in the first quarter, and on a break and does away with the advantage of 10 points.

What happened to our team in the third quarter, have an understanding of the coaches. Ukrainians began to lose everything. Estonians have gone back long-range shots, and desafiando our opponents won in 16 (!) points. So with a +10 score transformed -6 for Ukraine.

In the last quarter of our basketball players were close to save the situation, twice cut the deficit to 1 point. It seemed that our guys have put the squeeze on the opponent, but in key moments were optional error.

Eloquent fact – this evening the Estonians have earned 24 points after losing the ball the Ukrainian basketball players.

September 8 in our group a day of rest, and the next day our team will meet with the owners of team Latvia.

Ukraine – Estonia– 71:78 (15:14, 23:14, 6:22, 27:28)

Ukraine: Lukashov, Lime (7), Windbags (4 + 7 rebounds), timofeyenko (3 + 5 rebounds), Fesenko (6) – start; Randle (22 + 4 assists + 4 rebounds), Mishula (11), rabbits (10), Kornienko (8 + 5 rebounds), Sizov.