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Eurobasket 2015: Ukraine lost to the Czech Republic

Евробаскет-2015: Украина проиграла Чехии

Team Murzina lost important match of the European championship.

Perhaps, in the opening match of the Eurobasket with the Lithuanians had spent a lot of energy and emotion, and maybe our guys are just burnt out, but the next match of the tournament against the Czech Republic, the Ukraine has no chance lost 64:78.

Predicted before the tournament, this match was supposed to be almost a key for our team to exit the playoffs, and after yesterday’s game with Lithuania he expected with optimism, but the first quarter of the game showed that today was not our day.

In the Czech Republic, which looked much sygrana our team flew in our ring for almost everything, whereas the Ukrainians throws did not go. Plus our team captain Kyrylo Fesenko in the first quarter earned three fouls and was then forced to play more cautiously.

In this case, if the first quarter of the Czechs won in six points, the second just broke our team 16:26. At the break the team went with the advantage of the Czech Republic in 16 points, and most likely for the second half of the games out already without faith in the possibility to recoup. In the end, only the last 5 minutes, our team won 15-6, slightly sweeten defeat. The final siren has fixed the scoreboard the score 64:78.

Tomorrow our team will play with the outsiders Estonia.

Ukraine – Czech Republic 64:78 (14-20, 16-26, 15-19, 19-13)

Fesenko (14 + 8 rebounds), Randle (12), Lukashov (9 + 4 assists), rabbits (6 + 5 rebounds), Pustovoy (4), Kornienko (4 + 5 rebounds), timofeyenko (4), Mishula (4), Windbags (4 + 5 rebounds), Lime (3), Sizov, Kratos.