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Eurobasket 2015: Ukraine almost created a sensation in the match against Lithuania

Евробаскет-2015: Украина едва не сотворила сенсацию в матче с Литвой

In their first game of the Eurobasket 2015 Ukraine lost to Lithuania’s only a difference of one point.

Ukraine’s team almost beat one of the favourites in the opening round of Eurobasket tournament, losing only one point.

Our team alternated successful cuts and weak, plus if in the protection of our team confidently played, the attack did not go far throws, and under the ring the whole game went through Cyril Fesenko. Fortunately, the leader of our team and the game went in the end, he scored 19 points.

Ukraine started the match poorly, losing the first quarter 8:14. The second was one of our best stretches, even when we took 26:25, but after that attack again, the drought, and at the break the team went with the score – 33:26 in favor of the Lithuanians.

Started shaking when the Lithuanians went to gap, our bravely chased, and for the last two minutes advantage passed to one team or the other. The end came in the final seconds, when the Lithuanians did not score on the offense and our guys had about 5 seconds to score at least one point, but the opponents played a great game defensively and won 69:68.

Tomorrow our team will meet with the Czech Republic.

Lithuania -Ukraine 69:68 (19:12, 14:14, 17:19, 19:23)

Ukraine: Fesenko (19 + 11 rebounds + 2 blocks), Mishula (13), Randle (12 + 6 assists + 4 losses), Kornienko (8 + 5 rebounds), rabbits (7 + 5 rebounds + 4 losses), Windbags (5 + 4 assists), Lukashov (2), timofeyenko (2), Sizov, Lime, Pustovoy.

Head coach: Evgeny Murzin.