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Drogba Villas-Boas was doomed at Chelsea

Дрогба: Виллаш-Боаш был обречен в Челси

Former Chelsea player Didier Drogba remembered the failed stage in the career of the Portuguese coach Andre villasha-Boasha.

“It was his right, because the club should develop. He tried to make his revolution. As Chelsea coach Villas-Boas was doomed from the start. Cole and Lampard and no one complained, but the rest of the team has affected our morale,” quotes Mirror the words from the biography of Drogba.

“André thought that it would be easy, and it was his fault. He thought: we’re just going to do what we must, and we will win. However, you should be able to listen to experienced players. Otherwise, you will fail,” said the Ivorian in his biography.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Chelsea players want the return of Didier Drogba.