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“Donbass” has headed the table of the championship of Ukraine

21 November | 17:50

Bila Tserkva defeating the “White bars” in the second match of the tour (12:0), “Donbass” returned to first place in the standings of the championship of Ukraine.

In comparison with the first match both teams coach made substitutions goalkeepers: the goalkeeper of “Donbass” took Eugene Naprienko and frame “White Leopard” was released to protect Yuri Krasnopolsky. However, the 30-th issue of Belaya Tserkov in the first period gave his place to Sergey Luluku after missed three goals in seven minutes. The goalkeeper of “Donbass” on the contrary, distinguished by a plus sign: at the end of the first period, Nabanco contributed to the fifth goal of the Donetsk team in the match by recording a first this season for all goalkeepers of the championship assist.

In the second period “Donbass” has developed his success and scored four more goals in the gate “White Leopard”. At the equator of the game the coaching staff decided to give the necessary match practice to the youngest representative of the goalie shop Donetsk – Bogdan Dyachenko. Like his senior colleague in the role of a 17-year-old goalkeeper has not allowed an opponent to hit his own net, erasing a few real scoring chances “leopards”, – informs the official website of Shakhtar.

So after 16 matches the position of the leaders of the CHU is as follows: 1. Donbass – 41 points, 2. American boxer Malik – 40, 3. Kremenchuk – 39…