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Digest of the NBA. Obama failed to pronounce the name of Adetokunbo

Дайджест НБА. Обама не сумел произнести фамилию Адетокумбо

We present a selection of news from the world’s strongest basketball League in the world.

Obama failed to pronounce the name of Adetokunbo

Incumbent President Barack Obama yesterday gave a speech in Athens, where he mentioned about the best player from Greece Yiannis, Adetokumbo. However, Obama failed the first time clearly pronouncing the name of the striker.

 Deron Williams and JJ Barea, was damaged

Tonight two point guards on my Dallas Deron Williams, and Jose Juan Barea have failed to finish the game against Boston (83:90).

According to The Score, both players damage of the calf muscles.

Williams has just returned after a similar injury, after the first match in the last two weeks, but in the first quarter was forced to leave the area. , Barea was injured in the last quarter.

Marc Gasol performed a dance Conor McGregor

Memphis center Marc Gasol in today’s game against the clippers (111:107) scored a key shot from behind the arc, which became for him the fourth of the five implemented.

He said it is getting famous for dancing the shimmy, which takes the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

 Favors will miss at least one match

Utah power forward derrick favors on Wednesday was an MRI scan. On its results it became known that the player bone bruise in his left knee, reports The Score.

Next match Utah vs Chicago will be absolutely no favors. Note that because of problems with his knee and derrick couldn’t play the previous games.

LeBron donated $2.5 million to the exhibition of Muhammad Ali

According to USA Today, the Cleveland forward LeBron James donated $ 2.5 million to the organization of the exhibition of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali at the National Museum of African American history and culture. Previously on this show the money was donated by two legendary ex-basketball player – Michael Jordan (5 million) and magic Johnson (1 million).

Recall that Mohammed Ali passed away June 3 at age 74.

Wesley Johnson will not play in the two matches

According to the Score forward of Los Angeles clippers Wesley Johnson will miss at least two games because of a heel injury.

Note that Johnson has missed the last two games of the team.