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Denis Boyko: Slovenia are a good and balanced team

Денис Бойко: У Словении хорошая и сбалансированная команда

The goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Denis Boyko commented on the opposition his team with Slovenia.

Ukrainian goalkeeper Denis Boiko believes that the charges of Mikhail Fomenko will be able to get into the final of Euro 2016.

“I think we can beat Slovenia at the expense of team work in the first place. Due to the team – it is our one of the biggest trumps. Must also be the commitment on the football field, the installation of the coaching staff. I think all the money and help us win.

We are still together today, didn’t analyzed them, but I know that they have a good goalie line, the same handanovič Berić, against Saint-Etienne we recently played the Dnieper. Team Slovenia are a good, balanced, will prepare, analyze, discuss.

We have our whole team a great leader, but increasingly it is, of course, the attacking line. The same Yevhen Konoplyanka and Andrei Yarmolenko. I think they will be the leaders in the two matches.

For me, as for everyone else, these are the most important fights. We have to go through the play-offs and qualify for the European championship. We in the near future the two most important of the match.

Of course, I’m ready to play! We do not just come to the national team. We have three goalkeepers and field players. So all prepared, all ready, we all got good match practice in the championship. As for Andrew Pyatova, this is probably the better question doctors ask how he feels.

The history of confrontation with Slovenia? How do You say… is the past. Now we have a completely different team, completely different people, and on that team other people. It was a long time ago, and I don’t see any prejudice, to look into the past,” said Boyko.

Ukraine vs Slovenia live will show the channels Ukraine and Football 1. We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 19:00.

Recall that the Ukrainian team has already played in the play-offs with Slovenia. Then in qualification for Euro 2000 our away team lost 1:2 and played draw, giving the spot in the final of the tournament, the Slovenians.

Note that ex-Ukraine coach józsef szabó, whose team Ukraine lost to Slovenia at the junction of the Euro 2000, didn’t want this team we had again.