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Demyanenko: everything in Ukrainian football will continue to fall

Демьяненко: Пока все в украинском футболе будет продолжать падать

The ex-coach of Dynamo and Volyn Anatoliy Demyanenko evaluated the current situation in Ukrainian football.

“There were foreign versions. But, again, I don’t want to suffer. Want to work and to solve specific problems. Create! In football, you can do this. To keep up with the times. Football is developing, nothing stands still,“ added the coach.

“Such a big country and teams. Clubs go bankrupt, because football is very expensive, requires huge financial injections. Ukraine has always had very many capable, talented players. To see this situation now is very disappointing. Well, see, we have a situation in the country is a war. Now not all those football managers. So I think until everything will continue to fall. But I hope that it will soon begin to rise“, – said Demyanenko.

“You need to watch, which teams will be able to pull the championship. The presidents of the clubs should sit down at the negotiating table. You need to sit down and state leaders. Still, football almost all of Europe is the number one sport, the national game. Therefore, we should strive to have these 10-12 clubs not just exist, but grow up and show a serious level of football. It is difficult to say which format is ideal, and which teams will be afloat. It is a pity that we have such a situation – it’s war. Will disappear young talents that simply have no place to play and develop. Some will go abroad. Things like that,“ – Demyanenko has analyzed the situation in Ukrainian football.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that another club in the championship of Ukraine may cease to exist.