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Coach of Slovenia: Ukraine should we be afraid

Тренер сборной Словении: Украине стоит нас опасаться

Main Slovenian coach srečko katanec

— Srecko, what is the schedule of team work on preparation for the first match with Ukraine?
— Nothing unusual. Until Friday when we fly to Lviv, we have everything planned out well. I can say that until that time we will conduct a minimum of four joint training sessions.

— The national team after a break caused by proven fighters — Michaud Brechko, Sinisa andjelković and Benjamin Verbič.
— Sinisa is a special player. I need it. As for Verbica, now he is still gaining form after injury, so his output in matches against the Ukrainians is still in question. But even his participation in the training would be useful before an important match.

This atmosphere, which you mentioned a little earlier, somehow affects the players?
— While the guys are abroad, they don’t feel what is happening in their home. They perceive all positive, relaxed, supportive. But as soon as the guys get into the country, things change dramatically. The players are aware of the importance of the matches and responsibility to the army of their fans. Don’t believe? When we start training, go to the field — and all will understand. You will be instantly impressed with our energy!, – quotes the coach of the Slovenian newspaper Team.

Ukraine vs Slovenia live will show the channels Ukraine and Football 1. We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 19:00.


Recall that the Ukrainian team has already played in the play-offs with Slovenia. Then in qualification for Euro 2000 our away team lost 1:2 and played draw, giving the spot in the final of the tournament, the Slovenians.

Note that ex-Ukraine coach józsef szabó, whose team Ukraine lost to Slovenia at the junction of the Euro 2000, didn’t want this team we had again.