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Coach of Legia: Scored one goal, but could have scored more

Тренер Легии: Забили один гол, но могли забить еще

Mentor Lehi Henning Berg commented on the victory 1:0 in the match of Europa League qualifiers against Dawn.

“We scored only one goal, but in my opinion, could have scored more. I want to say thanks to our goalkeeper Dusan Kotaku. He played great and at some points saved us. We are delighted to win. Become even closer to the group stage of the Europa League. Understand that yet the return game. Will not be easy, but we are waiting for this match.

Damage Pejovich? It’s not quite the trauma. Looks like a bruised muscle. In recent matches he ran a lot. Should be ready for the next game. He did not pass pre-season training with the team. Perhaps it also caused a similar injury. He is a very important personality in the game and the Legion and the biggie for us.

I believe that we are now in a better position than dawn, given the result of the first match. But things can change. You need to be prepared one hundred percent to the particular meeting. We played only the first half. The second will be in Warsaw. We need to be very careful.

Fight fans? I’ve heard the rumors. Nothing serious I didn’t hear because he was focused on preparing the team for the game. I heard, but can’t comment on that, since I am not a great expert in these matters,” said Berg.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net wrote that dawn lost the match first leg play-off round of Europa League qualifiers.