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Chess: Muzychuk and Yifan played a draw in the first game of the championship match

Шахматы: Музычук и Ифань сыграли вничью в первой партии чемпионского матча

Maria Muzychuk started with a tie defense of their championship title.

2 March took place the first game of the match for the title of world chess champion between Maria Muzychuk and HOU Yifan. It ended in a draw on the 31st move after three hours of play, however, there is still 9 games of chess.

At the start of the match on the Board was played, the Italian party and Muzychuk are unable to gain an advantage in the opening. After a series of exchanges the game turned into a drawish endgame.

“I am very pleased that so many people came to support us. I can’t say that I’m happy and can’t say that upset. Actually, this is my first match where I played without spectators, only practice matches,” said Maria Muzychuk, the current world chess champion among women.

“I think this is a normal start of the party. There will be many more interesting games. Actually, in my experience, not met often move E5, but still this move is quite popular,” said HOU Yifan, a contender for the chess crown.

The second chess game between the current champion Maria Muzychuk and contender for the chess crown HOU Yifan will be held today, March 3rd, at 15:00 in Lviv Potocki Palace.