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Chantsev: Club lawyer said that the players are able to make statements about the dismissal

Чанцев: Клубный юрист сказал, что игроки могут писать заявления об увольнении

The main Metalurg’s coach Anatoly chantsev spoke about the upcoming match against Volyn, but also touched on problems in the club

“Lutsk Volyn has always been considered a tough nut to crack. We know the requirements Kvartsyanogo to his players. This is primarily the maximum dedication of all the players on the field. It’s mixed martial arts in the boxes. In Volhynia getting skilled, technical players. If the professed power team, a physical team, but now the focus is more on techniques and tactics. Plus what I said earlier — this is the maximum commitment. No wonder Volyn’s goal is to get into European competitions. A very serious and strong opponent,” — began the mentor of the team from Zaporozhye.

“Life now presents us with new challenges. So before the game with Volyn we have new difficulties and new problems. We quit Guile and zurakowski. Kornev misses the game because of two yellow cards. Injured Orelesi. In this regard it is necessary to change something, to invent something. It is very difficult to find the optimal composition. However, a lot of guys ready to play. Yesterday we had a meeting with our most loyal fans who supported the team, asked our players some questions. And the guys said that the last two games will try to please the fans”.

“The translation of Popova in the reserves? He came and said he will not play in the first team. To explain the reason he couldn’t. To get to play right now with someone, we just don’t have the right. Personally, I can’t force someone to go on the field. If the player himself doesn’t want to play with them and talk to them”.

“According to his capability and strength, the children, of course, will fight Volhynia. Yesterday, the fans at the meeting asked about it guys. But our players themselves are well aware of this. You know, the kind of situation in which we find ourselves, it is just critical. The day before yesterday the light turned off at the base. Now train in difficult conditions. The base is cold, no light, no water. We now train and wet getting on the bus, and then eat take a bath in our Junior school. As I said earlier, life throws us new challenges. But, as they say, the stronger we will be. Was called today by a lawyer from the club. Said that the players can write the letter of resignation”, — summed up the chantsev.