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Champions League. Youth beat mladá Boleslav, košice inferior to Bern

Лига Чемпионов. Юность обыгрывает Младу Болеслав, Кошице уступает Берну

Today started the group stage of the hockey Champions League.

The current season of the Champions League in recent times is held in its traditional format with 48 participants, which are divided into 16 groups.

In next season’s Champions hockey League will be similar to the football tournament under the same title, in which will participate only 32 teams that are divided into eight groups. Also note that there will not be such a large number of clubs from the same country, as starting from next season in the Champions League will get only the best team in the national Championships.

As for the calendar of the hockey tournament, the group stage will run from 16 August to 11 September, and then will start round of the playoffs, which will be 32 teams.

Well, today’s game day was opened by the match between vítkovice Czech and Finnish Karpata. The first twenty minutes passed at a leisurely pace and was abandoned only one goal, the author of which was Jesse Saarinen, who played the score in the eighth minute of the match. Early in the second period the hosts managed to equalise, thanks to the cool turning of the putter Oleg, after a throw of Kovar. As it turned out the score was short-lived, as six minutes later the goalkeeper vítkovice again surrendered after throwing Pearly with Piglet. Has not passed also two minutes as Karpaty managed to re-sign at the gate of the hosts: Koblizek won the face-off in a strange area, and then the puck was picked up Sileo and sent it into the goal. For fifteen minutes the players the team has reduced backlog in the account, with the puck Settlement, which from the right faceoff circle shot into the far corner. At the end of the meeting, the owners released on the ice of the sixth field player, but to recoup failed, but Carpet set the final score 4:2. The author of the puck in the empty net was Kähkönen.

Vítkovice (Czech Republic) – Karpat (Finland) 2:4 (0:1, 1:2, 1:1)

Washers: 07:52 Saarinen (Pyorala, Heska) – 0:1, 23:42 Oleg (Kovar, Bagel) – 1:1, 29:15 Pyorala (Saarinen) – 1:2, 30:41 Sailio (Koblizek) – 1:3, 58:23 Sloboda (novel, Ali) – 2:3, 59:59 Kähkönen (in empty gate – 2:4

Goalkeepers: Bartosik – Rinnas

Shots: 21 – 13

Penalty: 4 – 4

In the second match met košice Slovak and the Swiss Canton of Bern, which for two scored nine goals and this match became the most productive in the starting day. Note that the away team successfully started all three periods, scoring at the beginning of each the puck. The match was very intense, as in scoring chances, and disorders, which teams often played in different rosters. Six of the nine goals happened in the unequal composition and were all abandoned in the majority. Another feature is that all three periods ended with a minimal victory of the Swiss.

Kosice (Slovakia) – Bern (Switzerland) 3:6 (0:1, 1:2, 2:3)

Washers: 01:45 Hesher (Noro, Berger) – 0:1, 20:55 Moser (Plus, bloom – large) – 0:2, 30:05 Hrichina (dudash, C Max – large) – 1:2, 34:48, Bodenmann (Ebbett, Jobin) – 1:3, 40:43 Moser (Untersander, bloom – large) – 1:4, 44:37 Botton (Hrichina – large) – 2:4, 52:53 Berger (Hiser, Plus) – 2:5, 53:50 Varga (dudash, C Max – great) – 3:5, 58:42, Arcobello (Rufenacht – large) – 3:6

Goalkeepers: Kopriva – Genoni

Shots: 19 – 29

Fine: 20 – 14

In the third match of the day came on the ice of Minsk Yunost and the Czech Mlada Boleslav. This fight most likely viewed by the Ukrainian fans, as for the Belarusian team is the national team of Ukraine striker Andriy Mikhnov. Andrew played for the fourth link of the team, and earned match the coefficient of usefulness of “-1”. Unfortunately in assists of his team, the Ukrainians did not participate.

As for the game itself, it actively started the Czechs, who are already in the fifth minute opened the scoring, with the puck in the performance of Orsava, but before the break the hosts managed to equalize the score, a goal scored Vadim Aroha. In the second period the players in the Youth seized the initiative and has twice afflicted the goalkeeper Mlada Jan Lukas. Goals on account of Efimenko and Niinimaki, and guests of the brace Jakub Orsava. In the third period was an equal game and the first washer was abandoned in the 47th minute when the visitors leveled the score through successful Tronczynski a throw from an acute angle. It would seem the game is already very close to overtime, but two minutes with a little Youth still able to pull out a victory. A victorious washer on the account of Viktor Turkin, who scored the most and gained the match two points.

Read more: http://sport.tut.by/news/hockey/508395.html

Yunost Minsk (Belarus) – Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic) 4:3 (1:1, 2:1, 1:1)

Washers: 04:56 Orsava (Vampola – large) – 0:1, 15:20, Aregno (Niinimaki) – 1:1, 26:11 Efimenko (Parfeevets, Turkin) – 2:1, 29:00 Orsova – 2:2, 33:38 Niinimaki (Aregno, Mickiewicz) – 3:2, 46:43 Tronczynski (Huka) – 3:3, 57:51 Turkin (Efimenko, Parfeevets – large) – 4:3

Goalkeepers: Milchakov – Lukas

Shots: 18 – 27

Penalty: 10 – 20

In the last match of the day-the opening of the hockey tournament met Swiss Zurich German and Ingolstadt. The match was not very eventful, especially if you look at the result. All was abandoned two washers and both of them went in the gate of Pielmeier. First, at the end of the period, Sappi opened the scoring and then a minute before the final siren Bertchi set the final score – 2:0.

Zurich (Switzerland) Ingolstadt (Germany) 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Washer: 35:17 Sappi (Kunti, Pestoni) – 1:0, 58:56 Bertchi (Sappi, Sjogren) – 2:0

Goalkeepers: Plyler – Pielmeier

Shots: 28 – 26

Penalty: 6 – 6