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Champions League. Sparta and Frelunda advance to the finals

Лига чемпионов. Спарта и Фрелунда проходят в финал

Hosted the second leg in the framework of the 1/2 final of the European hockey tournament, the Champions League.

Tonight hosted the second semifinal matches of hockey League of Champions in which one finalist was already known in advance the outcome of the first meeting.

In the first match of the Swedish Frelunda away without problems has understood with the Swiss Fribourg. In fact the Swedes solved the problem of reaching the final in the first match, when got the victory with the score 5:1 and secured a comfortable advantage before leaving for Switzerland.

In the second match the team from Sweden scored four unanswered goals against the Swiss. One washer was abandoned in the first and third periods and two in the second. In the composition of the Swedes highlight Bergenheim, who scored a goal and made one assist, and goalie Gustafsson, who scored a shutout, reflecting all 22 shots on his goal.

Thus, Frelunda the third time in a row reached the final of the Champions League. Last season Frelunda achieved victory after beating Finnish Karpat, and the year before lost Swedish luleå.

Fribourg – Frelunda 0:4 (0:1, 0:2, 0:1) (the sum of the two matches 1:9)

Washer: 12:39 Bergenheim (Ahn, Olofsson) – 0:1; 20:48 Tommeras (greater.) – 0:2; 38:44 Figren (Bergenheim) – 0:3; 41:24 Grandstream (Larsson, Lundqvist) – 0:4

Goalkeepers: End – Gustafsson

Shots: 22 – 22

The penalty: 14 – 16

In the second meeting of the Czech Sparta took the Swedish växjö. In the first match of these commands, the Czechs produced a minimal victory with the score 2:1.

In the second leg of the struggle as such did not work, so the Czechs were adjusted much more resolutely, and most importantly they convert our chances, but the Swedes its not used. As a result, the Czechs scored four unanswered goals in the gate växjö and confidently reached the final.

The winners of the note Glinka, who scored one goal and double-assisted partners and Klimaka, on account of which one goal and one assists. Well, highlight of the goalkeeper of the Czech team Eriksson, who saved all 29 shots and scored a cracker.

Thus, Czech-Sparta goes to the finals of the European Champions League, where will play with the Swedish Freundii. The final match will take place on 7 February in göteborg on the home arena of Melody, which can accommodate six thousand spectators.

Sparta – växjö 4:0 (1:0, 1:0, 2:0) (the sum of the two matches 6:1)

Washer: 16:35 Klimek (Kalina, Glinka) – 1:0; 30:33 Barinka (Wher) – 2:0; 56:47 Glinka (infantry, Klimek – large.) – 3:0; 58:53 Vrana (Klimek, Glinka) – 4:0

Goalkeepers: Poppele – Ericsson

Shots: 29 – 25

Penalty: 8 – 10