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Champions League. Saipa and Fribourg have a guaranteed exit in the playoffs

Лига чемпионов. Сайпа и Фрибург гарантировали себе выход в плей-офф

Took place the next matches of the group stage of the Champions League.

Today in the next game of the day took place four matches in the group stage of the hockey Champions League, which identified the two participants in the playoffs.

Finnish Saipa on its side in the match against the Swedish Lulea conceded two goals after two periods, but in the last stanza the teams were able to restore equality in the score. In overtime, the teams exchanged dangerous moments, but to make a difference are unable. In the end the Finnish team obtains an important victory in the shootout and guarantees first place in group I and runs the round of the playoffs, but luleå still has a good chance to the next stage, but this requires a victory in the last match of the German Eisbaren, and that Saipa have not lost in the last game of the group all the same German team.

Saipa (Finland) – Luleå (Sweden) 3:2 B (0:1, 0:1, 2:0, 0:0)

Washer: 11:14 Fabricius (Todd, Forsberg) – 0:1; 34:15 Junttila (Harju) – 0:2; 51:21 Hamilton (mäkinen, järvinen) – 1:2; 59:00 Koski (Hamilton, Cocciante – great.) – 2:2

Critical bullet: järvinen

Goalkeepers: Markkanen – Lassinantti

Shots: 21 – 30

Penalty: 16 – 16

In another match the Swiss Fribourg on the road beat the Czech Znojmo 3:1. The Swiss claimed their second win in a row and secured a place in the next round, but the Eagles from Znojmo to be a tough fight with the German Red bull in the last game of the group. True to exit the Czech team, it is necessary that the German Champions took points in the match with Fribourg, which already will be without much motivation.

Znojmo (Czech Republic) – Fribourg (Switzerland) 1:3 (0:1, 0:0, 1:2)

Washer: 13:59 Sprunger (Bulls) – 0:1; 48:12 cervenka (Rathgeb – large.) – 0:2; 57:25 Bruisten (TSIP) – 1:2; 59:57 Polo (Ritola – p. V.) – 1:3

Goalkeepers: Swartz Saikkonen

Shots: 35 – 25

Penalty: 12 – 18

Next, another match between the Swedish and Czech Farjestaden Sparta, which practically solves nothing, because both teams in previous games have a guaranteed exit in the playoffs. The only thing that bothered both teams, the question is: who will take first place in group O. As with the first game, which ended with the victory of the Swedes, in the second match was a great fight with many points, but the winner was different. This time the success was celebrated by the Czech team, which won in overtime with the score 3:2 thanks to a winning goal in the execution Pecha, after the transfer of the foreman. At the moment Sparta is in the lead in their group, but the Swedes have a game in stock with the Polish Cracovia, which has a zero in the column points.

Farjestad (Sweden) – Sparta (Czechia) 2:3(0:0, 1:1, 1:1, 0:1)

Washer: 25:12 Nilsson (Persson) – 1:0; 36:04 Vrana (less.) – 1:1; 47:40 Cernoch (Klimek – large.) – 1:2; 59:18 Stapleton – 2:2; 60:59 Infantry (Foreman) – 2:3

Goalkeepers: Stin – Poppable

Shots: 28 – 26

Penalty: 6 – 8

And finally, the German Wolfsburg on home ice defeated the Czech Pardubice with the score 6:0. Note two points to Haskins for a goal and an assist, and goalkeeper of the German team Bruckmann. Both teams still fight for the second ticket to the playoffs with group A, which can last till the last match.

Wolfsburg (Germany) – Pardubice (Czech Republic) 6:0 (1:0, 3:0, 2:0)

Washer: 10:11 Haskins (Furger, Foucault) – 1:0; 21:23 Furher (Dehner, Haskins – large.) – 2:0; 25:58 Serro (Pfohl, Malook – great.) – 3:0; 33:03 Aubin (Voces) – 4:0; 41:06 Furher (Aubin, Likens – large.) – 5:0; 46:32 Malook (Rivers, Likens) – 6:0

Goalkeepers: Bruckmann – Ruzicka

Shots: 40 – 14

Penalty: 12 – 12