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Champions League. Nitra suddenly hit the centre of Plzen, home of the victory of Bern and Zurich

Лига чемпионов. Нитра неожиданно бьет Плзень, домашние победы Берна и Цюриха

Took place the next matches of the group stage of the Champions League.

Today in the next game of the day took place three matches in the group stage of the hockey Champions League.

In the first match of the day, Slovak Nitra guest unexpectedly defeated the Czech Plzen with the score 4:2. In the Slovak team would like to highlight forward David Laliberté. who scored a brace after two assists from jada Blackwater.

Thus, Nitra after three matches, six points and it occupies the first place in the group and it only has to score one point to get through. The Plzen three points, as in the Norwegian Stavanger, with whom the Czechs will play the last match in group J.

Plzen (Czech Republic), Nitra (Slovakia) 2:4 (2:0, 0:3, 0:1)

Washers: 04:17 Kratena (Freedom team) – 1:0; 08:14 Kubalik (INTRAC, Stach – great.) – 2:0; 23:57 Lalibert (Blackwater, Milam – large.) – 2:1; 25:28 Stefanka (MATIC) – 2:2; 34:11, Lalibert (Blackwater, Slovak) – 2:3; 59:11, Paukovic (Macik – less., p. V.) – 2:4

Goalkeepers: Makowski – Valent

Shots: 34 – 18

Fine: 47 – 26

In another interview, the Swiss Bern on his pleasde confidently defeated Slovak košice 3:1. With this victory, the Swiss are ahead of schedule provided to itself an exit in the playoffs from the first place in group M, and for košice it was the last match in the group stage, though not yet the last in the tournament. At the moment košice in the standings at the expense of the best indicators ahead of the Austrian Linz, but they have a game in hand with the Swiss.

Bern (Switzerland) – Kosice (Slovakia) 3:1 (1:0, 0:0, 2:1)

Washers: 01:51 Hiser (M. Plus) – 1:0; 41:36 Berger (Gerber, Noro) – 2:0; 44:07 hrushka (Bartanus) – 2:1; 52:51 bloom (M. Plus, Bodenmann – great.) – 3:1

Goalkeepers: Genoni – Gabal

Shots: 46 – 20

Penalty: 4 – 37

Well, in the last game of the day, Zurich, Switzerland in front of their fans dealt with the Finnish club Lucco, beating the Finns with the score 2:0. Note shutout Lucas Florere, which has recorded 20 shots on their turns. The Swiss even after the last match has provided to itself an exit from group in the playoffs, and now they had secured first place in group D. For the second place in the group in the last two matches will fight German Ingolstadt and Finnish Lucco.

Zurich (Switzerland) – Lucco (Finland) 2:0 (0:0, 2:0, 0:0)

Washers: 24:46 Baltisberger (Blindenbacher, Kunti) – 1:0; 38:11 Duke (less.) – 2:0

Goalkeepers: Florer – Kähkönen

Shots: 37 – 20

Penalty: 8 – 6