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Causing new hair star team of France of football

Новая вызывающая прическа звезды сборной Франции по футболу

The France midfielder Paul Pogba has decided to cheer yourself up after failure for Euro 2016 with a new haircut.

Pogba has become one of the major disappointments of the last European championship as a player with a price tag of 120 million all the football public was expecting a really good game, which the midfielder has not demonstrated.

Paul does not help his team in the final, in which the French eventually lost against Portugal with 0:1.

However, life goes on, and Pogba also goes its course. A few hours ago midfielder posted a video Instagram of the new hairstyle.

Now the head of the Field is white, with the hair shaved patterns. Is to say, everything looks very provocatively.

“Hair for the holidays. And you have a great weekend”, signed Pogba video.



Coupe vacances, bonne vacances a tous ?? holiday hair, good holidays everyone #firstneverfollows #férias

Video, apabila koristuvacha Paul Labile Pogba (@paulpogba)

Lip 12, 2016 on 11:13 PDT