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Bubka against the disqualification of the entire team of Russia

12 November | 13:20

First Vice-President of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF), the head of the NOC of Ukraine Sergey Bubka spoke out against the suspension of Russian athletes from the 2016 Olympic games. He said the website of the International sports press Association.

Legendary pole-vaulter reminded that he was in a similar situation in 1984, when the national team of the USSR boycotted the Games in Los Angeles, and said that decisions should be made separately for each athlete. “What I experienced in 1984, should not happen again, – said Bubka.

“Many talented athletes never got the chance to fight for Olympic medals. We have a duty to protect clean athletes from any form of mass disqualification. They should not be punished”, – he said.

Bubka recalled that the scandal concerns not only the athletes but also their entourage. In his view, punishment must be all the perpetrators – officials, coaches, administrators, managers. But the honest athletes who were not taking doping, should not suffer, writes gordon.ua

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