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Briggs mocked Klitschko and fury Champions.

Бриггс поиздевался над Кличко и чемпионами Фьюри с Уайлдером

Former world champion heavyweight Shannon Briggs is once again trying to get the title fight with one of the world Champions.

Former world champion heavyweight Shannon Briggs once again showed their imagination with the help of which he tries to get the title shot.

In his instagram Briggs posted a video where Vladimir Klitschko, Tyson fury and Deontay Wilder trying to keep a restless Shannon. But they have not obtained – Briggs escapes from them in Copperfield and begins to shout his catchphrase “Let’s go champ!”



Video published by Shannon Briggs (@cannon_briggs) Jan 16 2015 at 4:17 PST

Previously BRiggs dirty methods repeatedly tried to challenge Ukrainian Champ clips with the conflict of two boxers became public.

Once Briggs stormed into a restaurant where Klitschko was having lunch, sat down with him at the table, began to insult him and eat from his plate. In the end, Klitschko poured on the head of American water. Ukrainian after the incident in the cafe decided to increase the staff of its enforcement.

And once Briggs dropped Wladimir Klitschko in the water when the rowing.

Also Briggs rushed on training to Klitschko, where he tried to start a fight with the Ukrainian boxer: