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Brazilian athlete became the champion of MMA at the fourth month, beremennost

Бразильская спортсменка стала чемпионкой ММА на четвертом месяце беременнос

Brazilian athlete Kimberly Novaes in may 2015 became a champion in fights without rules, being in the fourth month of pregnancy

On his page in facebook Novaes reported that the comfort of the pregnant woman to the ring, she didn’t know about her pregnancy. About their situation, the Brazilian learned only in August.

“I couldn’t lose weight for the fight, which was scheduled for August 21. Village on a more strict diet, but still gained 2.2 lbs. The abdomen became more solid, and I was desperate. After learning from the doctor about being pregnant, I burst into tears and ran away from the hospital, but then realized that this is good news,” said the athlete. She also noted that despite the participation in battle and hard training, with the baby are okay.

The head of the organization fights Noxii Bruno Barros took responsibility for the output of a pregnant athletes on the ring itself. As noted by Barros, before the tournament, all the fighters had to take tests for HIV and hepatitis, but some athletes, including Novaes’t have sent the test results.

“They claimed that they didn’t have the money or time on testing, but I allowed them to participate, as all I really wanted to fight. The blame for what happened with Novaes lies entirely on me,” says Barros in an interview with MMA Fighting.

24-year-old Brazilian is the minimum weight champion in the category up to 52 kilograms.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the champion of UFC Rhonda Rosie said that in the fighting without rules it will not compete with even Floyd Mayweather.