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Boyko: I am always ready to replace Pyatov

Бойко: Я всегда готов заменить Пятова

The goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Denis Boyko commented on the upcoming matches of UEFA Euro 2016 with the team of Slovenia

Denis, in what mood have arrived to a national team camp?
— In working. For me, as for all the other guys, the match in Lviv is probably by far the most important fight in his career. We just have to overcome the playoffs and to win the permit on the European championship.

— There are suspicions that Andriy Pyatov will not be able to play in the first leg. You are ready to replace it?
I certainly would. We don’t just come to the national team. In the national team is the main clip — the three goalkeepers. We all are preparing to play. All goalkeepers, by the way, there is a sufficient match practice in the championship. As for Andrew, the question of his health it is better to ask our medical service.

— One of the leaders of the national team of Slovenia is your co — goalkeeper of Milan “inter” Samir handanovič. What can you say about this player?
— Some idea of the manner of his game I have. I took to the field against Handanovicha. He, I note, an excellent Keeper! In addition, Samir is a true leader of the Slovenian national team. So in the upcoming matches, much will depend. Slovenia is generally very good team. Detailed football performed we’ve just begun to disassemble. We have a few days to better prepare for the match. I think that in the Ukrainian team has players able to upset Handanovicha, and not once.

— History of previous unsuccessful battles with Slovenia is no pressure on you psychologically?
— You said well — past. This is the key word… Now we have a completely different team, other people, and the enemy team, much has changed, so I see no reason to fear and to look at the statistics of bygone battles.

However, given the specificity of the elimination games, you shouldn’t miss a goal in Lviv.

— Speaking of Lviv… How important Cup matches in the first round of opposition to carry out home?..
— I see no difference where to play the starting match. You just need to prove that we are stronger, confident to win at home, and then… to do the same. It is important not to tie yourself to a home result, afraid then to go to someone else’s arena.

— Game play-off for the Euro 2000 really in the past, but still, personally, do you remember those matches?
— I watched on TV. Sat with dad at home and terribly worried. Remember the home game when the Ukrainian team at the last minute actively attacked, but to score the ball, which would allow it to go further, and could not, Boyko quoted by the newspaper Team.

Ukraine vs Slovenia live will show the channels Ukraine and Football 1. We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 19:00.


Recall that the Ukrainian team has already played in the play-offs with Slovenia. Then in qualification for Euro 2000 our away team lost 1:2 and played draw, giving the spot in the final of the tournament, the Slovenians.

Note that ex-Ukraine coach józsef szabó, whose team Ukraine lost to Slovenia at the junction of the Euro 2000, didn’t want this team we had again.