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Boxer Roy Jones wants to get an apartment in Moscow and a dacha in the Crimea

Боксер Рой Джонс хочет обзавестись квартирой в Москве и дачей в Крыму

Legendary American boxer spoke about the future location of housing.

“I am very happy to be in Russia, I like everything, I’m enjoying what I see from people who meet. I admire not only boxers, but in principle, the Russian athletes, we are here to communicate with the Russian national team in gymnastics and exchange experience.

Expect to get a flat in Moscow and a dacha in the Crimea. And I will deal with the same things and used. In the USA I was commenting on the fights, maybe this will do in Russia. ‘m going to do music, to rap. I like djigan, Basta.

Generally I’m open to suggestions for a share of the songs, and talking about their content, I do not intend to go into politics, so I will do that closer to me, what I like, what I am most familiar with. In what language? A little bit I will learn Russian, maybe something will release in two languages,” said Jones.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net wrote Roy Jones announced that he would take Russian citizenship