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Blatter: I’m an honest man, I have nothing to worry about

Блаттер: Я честный человек, мне не о чем беспокоиться

The FIFA President Jospe Blatter reiterated his innocence in a corruption scandal of the organization.

“I resigned to protect FIFA. I can protect myself, I’m strong enough.

I know that I was able to do and what not. Know that I am an honest person, I am clean, I have nothing to worry about.

FIFA are not corrupt. In football there is no corruption, dealing a specific people, that’s a problem,” said Blatter of the air force.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that on 2 June Sepp Blatter at an emergency press conference and announced he would step down as FIFA President, which he held since 1998 and may 29 was re-elected for a fifth term.

Additionally, new presidential elections will take place no earlier than December. Before leaving Blatter intends to carry out administrative reform FIFA.