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Blanco Leshchuk: If you do not call in the Argentina national team, could play for Ukraine

Бланко-Лещук: Если не позовут в сборную Аргентины, мог бы играть за Украину

The Carpathians, the Argentine striker Gustavo Blanco Leshchuk commented on the possibility of playing for the national team of Ukraine.

Forward of the Carpathians declared that do not consider themselves Ukrainians, however, did not rule out the possibility of playing for the national team of Ukraine in the future.

“It is very difficult to say that I am Ukrainian because Ukrainian I have only part of the blood. There are still a lot of unknown in Ukraine – the language and the place of residence is of my ancestors. I think, over time, close to everything Ukrainian.

Planning to go to the land of their ancestors in the Rivne oblast next week with his parents. I’ll be there a few days, but no more, not to absent himself from training.

If invited to play for Ukraine? Yes, would have taken the offer of the national team of Ukraine. This would be a very good opportunity, and I would take it, but if I don’t have that opportunity in Argentina.

To compare the Argentine and Ukrainian football? If Ukraine play one or two touches and already needs to move to another position, in Argentina, one player more time to provide control over the ball,” said Gustavo Blanco Leshchuk.